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12 - 13 octobre 2024


Tuto Care

Tuto Care

29,90 € Prix original
19,90 €Prix promotionnel
  • You want to learn how to provide care to a fighter? Use professional equipment, and improve your care skills?

    This movie is made for you!

    You will find in this movie more than 15 illustrated and commented caring techniques! Presentation of adapted material, simulations of injuries (cuts, haematomas, multiple injuries, etc...) you will discover the best techniques to learn how to heal your fighter!

    An essential tool for all coaches & cutman.

    WARNING: This tutorial does not confer a certification.

    © All rights reserved - Any unauthorized copy, reproduction and broadcasting is strictly prohibited.

  • If you have problems viewing the files, please update your movie player application, or download a compatible player (e.g. VLC media player) from your mobile store (Apple store app / Palystore, etc...).

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